Hi there!

I am Sarah- the owner and creative behind Blue Ivy Photography and all the art represented on this site. I’m so glad you decided to take a look at my site. Please check out the galleries and contact me if you have any questions at all! 

I have 10 years experience in my own business as well as in a high-volume studio, formal education, and exceptional technical skills.  I believe strongly that photographs represent life, mess, love, hope and the hearts of my clients; life changes quickly, children change, family members die, life hurts and we forget the memories- but the photograph will always remember! My purpose in this business, above all, is to demonstrate love- to use my God-given gift to show a person how beautiful they are through God’s eyes; to give hope and walk alongside them in whatever life brings them.  I have personally experienced loss, life mess and heartache; I know God has used me throughout the past 10 years through photography to do just that.

Blue Ivy Photography is located in Waukee, Iowa and serves clients throughout Iowa.

Now booking, accepting payments, and chatting online!

Click the button to the left to request a session time, pay your invoice/deposit, or message me with any questions you have.

A little back story:

August 2017 I felt God firmly telling me to close down my studio. My photography business (Blue Ivy Photography) was my baby- 6 years of pouring my heart into it and just like that I had a choice to make. After lots of tears, conversations and prayer, I decided to let it go for 6 months.  Then after that 6 months, I got pregnant!  It was the hardest pregnancy and the toughest year of my adult life… but now we have another sweet little boy and our family feels complete. While I am back to doing photography full-time, taking a temporary step back was definitely what my family needed.

In giving up my business I was honestly afraid that we would struggle financially without my income- but God provided income. I was scared to lose a part of my carefully crafted identity- I didn’t and God provided wisdom. The truth is that I held onto this traditional idea of what I *should* do with my passion- but I failed to consult the only one whose opinion matters- all out of fear.

My friends- fear robs us of the blessings! God desires us to hold the things in our lives  with an open hand. He has taught me so much about being intentional with my choices- not letting FEAR be the driving force.

That is what this page is all about.

Being intentional. Loving my life. Enjoying the gifts and passions he placed in our lives- all in a way that honors HIM.

I’m so very excited to have you here on this journey with me. My hope is that this page encourages you to love your life as we laugh and maybe cry a little together. Either way you are welcome here- to be uniquely you.


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