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Hi! I’m Sarah. I am a portrait photographer, artist, and designer based in central Iowa.

I fell in love with all things art at a very young age, then photography in high school.  I went on to get a professional photography degree and a bachelors in french studies. (Yes, once upon a time I spoke french near fluency… but now I can only read it well). After school I started up my photography business and have been doing that ever since. In addition to running my own business, I am the operations manager for a local multi-site mental health clinic. This year I made the decision to pursue my MBA.

Art to me is a form of worship and connection. I have a genetic disorder and other chronic health issues. When I don’t feel well I pour my feelings into creating- art, music… it doesn’t matter what it is.  Point me to something creative and I’ll probably latch onto it!

I got married young, had my first two kids young (plus one more bonus baby). I come from a very large and very loud family- so this extrovert thrives in chaos.

I look forward to creating with you and encouraging you. Whether you are looking for a photographer to capture your special moment in time with patience and compassion, or just another person to encourage you as you pursue your passions. Send me a message and we can have a chat!





I am a photographer, artist, designer, and operations manager of a multi-site company.


I am a spoonie, zebra, and special needs mommy. This combination has taught me LOADS of patience!


I am a Christ follower, volunteer worship leader and I love encouraging others as they pursue their passions and grow in their walk with the Lord. 

Years Experience

Seniors Photographed

Newborns Photographed


I am confident, authentic, compassionate and patient.


I love curling up with a quilt, good book, and a hot tea or latte. The cherry on top is cuddles from my pup or cats. I also love building things by hand and diy.


I am currently pursuing my masters of business degree.


I have been married 15 years and we have 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog.  Our house is loud and chaotic and wonderful.


Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

– Destin Sparks

What My

Work Is

Known For:

Images that capture a feeling.

The authenticity.

The timeless and natural editing tones.

The movement and laughter.

The connection.

Strong clean lines.

Contract Work


2nd or assistant videographer

I have experience working as a contracted 2nd videographer for major events and weddings. Please contact me for rates my availability.


Associate or 2nd photographer

I work as an associate and 2nd for several local photographers. I can provide references. Please contact me for my rates and availability.

Marketing & Design

Content creation or Marketing/Branding Consulting

I have a social media marketing certification and 10 years business experience + design experience. I currently only have a few openings left for 1-2 hr/wk contracts. Please contact me for more details and specifics. 


Alien Bees




Canon R6

5D Mark IV

5D Mark II

70-200 f2.8

24-70 f2.8

100mm f2.8

50mm f1.2

Mac or PC


PC desktop

Macbook Air

Ipad Pro (& phone)

+ lots of extra monitors :)