Custom artwork

This page is constantly changing so be sure to check back regularly to see what is available for purchase! Also be sure to look at my Instagram page to see what I have been making lately 🙂

For Physical Prints:

  • Up to 7″: Easy-$25, Medium-$30, Hard-$35
  • 10″: Easy-$30, Medium-$40, Hard-$50
  • 14″: Easy-$35, Medium-$50, Hard-$65
  • 20″-24″: Easy-$45, Medium-$65, Hard-$85
         (prints measured by longest edge)

For Digital Prints:

  • Easy: $15
  • Medium: $35
  • Hard: $50
         (Digital prints delivered by email and will be printable up to 14″ unless otherwise specified)



Easy= one image alone, one image with 1-3 words, or a quote without images.

Medium= 2-3 images alone, 1-3 images with a quote, or quote with image/floral elements and borders.

Hard= 4+ items, a landscape/scene,portrait, or something that will take a lot of designing on my part.

BEFORE placing your custom order, please message me through the contact form below. we will discuss what you would like me to paint and what size. Please be ready to send reference images if necessary. Once we agree that I have a good idea of what you’d like, I will invoice you for your order.

Samples of work I have done:

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