I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley’s new Easter dress line recently at the Art Terrarium. You can check out her work Rowan’s Heart– she is now taking custom orders for these adorable dresses!

Izzy had so much fun customizing her new Easter dress and Ashley made it SO easy for us. We measured and chose the fabric and style of dress. It fits perfectly and is so well made! I can’t get her to take it off 🙂

This photoshoot was SOOO fun! Each of these little girls has such different personalities and it was so obvious when we photographed them twirling.
💎Ari (The tallest girl) twirls with an intensity- she is and will always be a driving force in this world. What a gift!
🌹Izzy would delicately twirl, then pause and pose- with a quiet yet sweet desire to simply be noticed, feel beautiful and do the right thing.
❤️Rowan (the youngest) twirled with a pure delight and abandon. She didn’t care about much except the wind in her skirt and her hair flowing.

I know that I am much like my daughter, Izzy- but secretly I have such a desire to be like Rowan. I am always in awe of adult women who approach life like Rowan and Ari. To know with certainty my place and approach it with an unyielding intensity- or to simply have courage to be right where I am in time and enjoy it.

I can’t help but picture my heavenly father smiling at these precious girls- being exactly who they were created to be- without shame or rival. I hope one day I can be more like them